Designing a tabletop card game

Main Concept Wild Hunt is a strategic, addictive, and easy to learn 2 to 6 player card game where you are a Bounty Hunter that must race against other players to collect the most valuable bounties while sabotaging them along the way. Since the very beginning, Wild Hunt was based on one simple concept. Playing cards will cost energy and passing on cards will not only give you 1 energy but represent it as well by flipping over the passed on card. Cards will cost anywhere from 0 to 2 energy to play, and it’ll be up to the player

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New name, who dis?

New Branding Coelho Software is dead, long live Paper Scientist! Coelho Software was established in 2017 for the sole purpose of launching mobile games and apps. Now that we added tabletop games to our resume, that name no longer felt relevant. From this point on we will be known as Paper Scientist. Any existing services under the Coelho Software name will be either completely migrated over or discontinued by 2021.

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