What is Wild Hunt?

Wild Hunt is a competitive, strategic, and easy to learn 2 to 4 player tabletop card game. You and your fellow bounty hunters are racing to complete a full set of armor by collecting and selling the most valuable bounties while sabotaging your friends along the way.

  • You must choose your bounties wisely. If you take on too many lesser bounties early on, you will not have enough energy to take on greater bounties when they come up. Greater bounties are worth more, but they are also more dangerous to hunt.
  • You must choose your purchases wisely. A good purchase can give you an edge over other players early in the game or it can save you from trouble later on.

What's in the Box:

Game Stats:


Previews of cards in the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

And answers to all of those questions.

The game is not out yet, but the Wild Hunt card game will be available online for sale by us for $20 in early 2021.

We will be launching a Kickstarter soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified right away and get the game before everyone else.

An official app for Android and iPhone is in the works and will be available to download for $5.

A free demo of the app will also be available for Android and iPhone.

We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to stock your store, but if you’d like to get more information, send a message to our support team.

If you have an idea for a new card or an expansion to the game, send a suggestion to our support team.

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We will be launching a Kickstarter soon to fund the game. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified right away.